Information for visitors

Mask requirement in both castles

 Face masks are still compulsory for all visitors over 6 years of age in both royal castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau as well as in the Shuttle-Bus to Neuschwanstein castle.

Here you can find more information about the protection measures in the sights.

Ticket availability

 Remaining tickets are sold daily from 8.30 a.m. in the Hohenschwangau Ticket Center, depending on availability. A quick sell-out must be expected. 
Please check our daily updated online ticket shop for available tickets. We recommend that you buy your tickets in our online ticket shop before you arrive in Hohenschwangau. 


Transportation to the castles

Shuttlebus to Neuschwanstein castle in operation. 

Horse carriages to Neuschwanstein castle in operation.

Horse carriages to Hohenschwangau castle in operation.



Mary's bridge open

Access to the Mary's bridge (Marienbrücke) ist currently possible. From there you have a wonderful panoramic view of Neuschwanstein Castle. 


Pöllat gorge closed



For safety reasons, the hiking trail through the Pöllat Gorge is unfortunately closed. 


Restoration work is currently being carried out inside the Neuschwanstein Castle. The renovations are expected to last until 2024.

From the calendar year 2023 onwards, due to the ongoing restoration measures, not all rooms of the royal apartment can be visited as part of a guided tour. Other main rooms such as the throne room and the singer's hall remain unaffected by this.

For further information click here...


You can find the answers to frequently asked questions here.

Questions about tickets:

Tickets for both royal castles are available in our official online ticket store or on site directly at the Ticket Center in Hohenschwangau.
 You can purchase the tickets for the Museum of the Bavarian Kings directly at the museum ticket office or also in our official online ticket store


Here you can find more information about the current regulations in the sights.

Please check the daily updated information under: 


There is a limited amount of tickets available on spot at the Ticket Center every day. We open in the Summer time at 8.00 AM and in the Winter time at 08:30 AM and start selling those tickets to our visitors. There is great demand for these tickets, however, which is why it is essential to be at the Ticket Center as early as possible in order to have a good chance at getting tickets for the day. Most days we are sold out in the later morning hours. These tickets are meant for sale on spot only and cannot be reserved in advance.

Tickets can neither be blocked nor reserved. We are selling tickets in advance online, depending on availability.

No, we can only issue tickets for the current day at the Ticket Center. We are selling tickets in advance online, depending on availability.

Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve tickets by phone or via E-Mail. Tickets can only be bought in advance using our online shop or on premise in the Ticket Center Hohenschwangau depending on availability.

If there are no tickets available anymore, tickets are completely sold out at that time.

Sometimes, the amount of tickets available online can be increased. Please visit the online shop again 1-4 days before you intend to visit us.

No, we don’t maintain one.

Unfortunately, we cannot say with certainty when that will happen. The decision to release tickets is made by a superior institution and even we as the ticket office often learn of these decisions at very short notice.

These colours are an indication of how many tickets are left in any given tour online. Green means that the entire tour is still available, yellow means that a few tickets have been booked already and red means that there are only few tickets left. Please note that you can book a “red” tour. If a tour does not have enough space for the amount of people you selected anymore, the tour will not show up at all anymore.

The tour you are trying to book only has one single ticket left. The maximum number of participants is 10 per tour and 9 of those tickets have been booked already.

For as long as protective measures against the Corona virus are in place, we would ask you kindly to purchase tickets for all babies/toddlers. We have to keep the number of persons per tour at 10 in order for the castle to safely operate their tours.

After selecting a date in the online shop, you will find a drop-down menu for selecting the number of adult tickets. The one for children is right below that one.

Children must be added to your purchase online immediately. For this, you can find an extra drop-down menu under the one where you select the number of adults. We will not be able to still add tickets to your purchase afterwards.

The free tickets that we refer to on our website mean any ticket for adults that will not require payment. Among these are the tickets that holders of Annual passes or 14 days tickets receive. Other examples would be ambassadors or guardians of disabled visitors (has to be mentioned in the disability ID).

After completing your purchase, payment is immediately settled and your personalized tickets will be sent to you by e-mail. Changing these tickets to another date or time is not possible.

Tickets purchased online cannot be changed or refunded. Cancellation is not possible.

The Operators’ contract terms regularly provide that Tickets may not be re-sold commercially and that the non-commercial transfer of tickets is subject to certain limitations. If there is reason to believe that you may have violated such contract terms, we expressly reserve the right to (a) exclude you from further access to the Web Shop, (b) reject or cancel Ticket orders and (c) notify the respective Operator.

We currently can only offer credit card and PayPal payment in our online shop. Other options are being planned and worked on but we do not yet have a launch date for those.

Combined tickets for all or selected sights are available in our official online ticket shop just until 15.10.2022. From 16.10.22, all sights must be booked individually. 

Free tickets can only be issued on the day of your visit at the Ticket Center. Please note, however, that the number of tickets per day is limited and that even free tickets are subject to availability.

You don’t necessarily have to print your tickets, you can also present the QR code on your phone at the entrance. Please make sure to have your phone charged and your display intact.

You can only visit our castles as part of a guided tour.

Currently, you can go right up to the main gate of the castles.

As of now, we do not have a newsletter to keep visitors up to date. Please check our website to learn about the latest changes to ticketing or tours.

Questions about transportation:

You can find all attractions, viewpoints and means of transport on our local map here:

Hohenschwangau Castle can be reached on foot within 15-20 minutes or by horse carriage (depend. on season).
Neuschwanstein Castle can be reached on foot within 30-40 minutes, by shuttle bus or horse carriage (depend. on season)

You can find all means of transport and hiking trails on our local map here:

Shuttle bus (Neuschwanstein):
Adults: € 3.00 uphill, € 2.00 downhill, € 3.50 round-trip
Children: age 0-6: free/ 7-12: € 1.50 uphill, € 1.00 downhill, € 2.00 round-trip
Bus tickets can be bought at the bus stop or from the bus driver (cash only).

Horse carriage Neuschwanstein castle:
Adults: € 8.00 uphill, € 4.00 downhill

Horse carriage Hohenschwangau castle:
Adults: € 5.50 uphill, € 3.00 downhill
For horse carriage transport you pay the driver of the carriage directly.

Please note that there is no bus transfer to Hohenschwangau Castle.


The bus goes every 20 minutes, the carriages approximately every 30 minutes.
They do not run on a fixed schedule since their intervals often depend on the numbers of visitors we receive.

Shuttle bus:
first trip uphill 8.00 a.m. 
last trip uphill 5:30 p.m.
last trip downhill 6.45 p.m.
first trip uphill 9.00 a.m. 
last trip uphill 3:30 p.m.
last trip downhill 5:00 p.m.

No. You simply buy a bus ticket or pay the horse carriage driver and then take the next available transport to your destination.


The carriage to Hohenschwangau Castle takes you to the back entrance of the courtyard.
The carriage to Neuschwanstein Castle takes you to a carriage stop about 400 meters below the castle (5-10 minutes uphill to castle)
The shuttle bus to Neuschwanstein Castle takes you close to the viewpoint "Jugend" / Marienbrücke, about 600 meters above the castle (5-10 minutes downhill to castle)

Please note that the way to Neuschwanstein Castle from either drop-off point is quite steep.

Hohenschwangau Castle can be reached on foot within 15-20 minutes.
Neuschwanstein Castle can be reached on foot within 30-40 minutes.
You can find the hiking trails to the castles on our local map here:

No. You will have to leave your car on one of the 4 large parking lots in our village. The castles can then be reached on foot, by horse carriage or shuttle bus.

For all train connections between Munich and Füssen, please visit the website of the German rail services:


For information on regional public transport, please visit the website of RVO:

Questions about your visit:

In the village of Hohenschwangau you will find 4 large parking lots.

The parking fees are as follows:

Parking lots P1, P2, P3 and P4: 
Car (P1, P2, P3 and P4): from € 10,00
Bus (P1 + P4): € 30,00 per day
Mobile homes/ Caravans (P2): € 13,00 up to 8 hours. For each additional hour: € 1,00 (max. per day € 15,00).
Motorbike (P2 + P3): € 3,00 per day

Please note that mobile homes/ campers are only allowed to park in parking lot P2. 

Yes. For all visitors from 6 years of age, a mask (medical face masks) is required in the castles and in the shuttle bus. Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the mask requirement.

Visitors without an appropriate mask are not allowed to enter in the castle or shuttle bus; this also applies if a medical certificate is presented. 

  • Summer time: 01.04.2022 until 15.10.2022

Monday to Sunday    8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

  • Winter time: 16.10.2022 until 31.03.2023

Monday to Sunday     8.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. 

Closing days: December 24, December 25, Dezember 31 and January 1. 

Our castles close after the last tour of the day has been finished.

Summer season (April - 15th October):
Hohenschwangau Castle 5.00 p.m
Neuschwanstein Castle 6.00 p.m.

Winter season (16th October - March):
Hohenschwangau Castle 4.00 p.m.
Neuschwanstein Castle 4.00 p.m.

Here you can find the current opening hours... 

One option we would like to recommend it visiting the Museum of Bavarian Kings.
Since Schwangau, Füssen and the Allgäu region are a popular hiking- and holiday destination, you can find an extensive catalogue of activities within reach. For additional information simply visit

In Hohenschwangau Castle you will be touring the entire castle for about 45 minutes. In Neuschwanstein Castle you will have a guided tour through the completed rooms of the castle for about 35 minutes. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to visit the rest of the exhibition area by yourself. The Museum of Bavarian Kings can be visited without a tour anytime from 09:00 to 17:00. At the reception, you can even get a free audio guide in the language of your choice.

No. In order to manage the large numbers of visitors we receive, it is obligatory to visit the castles in guided tours.

We offer live-guided tours in English and German for both castles. These take place approximately twice per hour.
Additionally, we offer audio-guided tours. The necessary devices are included in the ticket price and can be offered in the following languages:

Neuschwanstein castle:

German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Hungarian, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic

Hohenschwangau castle:

German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean

Museum of the Bavarian Kings:

German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Polish.

You will receive your audio guide directly inside the castle before your tour begins. In the museum, you will receive them at the reception counter. The audio guide devices are always free of charge.

Please be in the castle courtyard of the castle you are visiting on time.
You will find the tour number printed on your ticket on the monitor next to the turnstiles.
Through these turnstiles you will enter the castle. Inside, you will be met by your tour guide.

In both castles, visitors will have to climb stairs during the tour. In Hohenschwangau Castle, there are approximately 90 steps, in Neuschwanstein Castle, approximately 350 steps.
Unfortunately, in Hohenschwangau, there is no way to avoid these stairs and therefore persons with limited mobility or guests who depend on a wheelchair cannot visit Hohenschwangau Castle.
In Neuschwanstein Castle, there is an elevator and therefore it is definitely possible for persons with limited mobility or guests who depend on a wheelchair to visit. However, we urgently recommend to reserve this elevator in advance. For further information, please klick here...

In order to reach the castles, there are several possibilities:
The hiking trail to Hohenschwangau Castle is not steep and has no stairs at all.
The hiking trail to Neuschwanstein Castle is a lot steeper and we would instead recommend to use the horse carriage transport. Any regular-sized, foldable wheelchair can be stowed in the trunk at the back of the carriages. Please note, however, that the carriages do not have a ramp. So it is necessary that the person who needs to be transported is able to somehow get into the carriage by themselves or with the help of their companions.

Due to the very steep descent from the bus stop near the view point "Jugend" to Neuschwanstein Castle, we do not recommend to use the bus transfer in this case.


There is no rental service for wheelchairs or rollators. The required wheelchair/ walking aids must be brought along. 

Access to the courtyard of Neuschwanstein Castle is only possible with a ticket. 

You can visit the courtyard and the gardens of Hohenschwangau Castle without a ticket. 

For information on renovation works, please visit the website of the Bavarian Palace Department,

Information on attractions belonging to the Wittelsbach equalizing fund, please visit our website



Hohenschwangau Castle can be seen and photographed very well from many points in our village.

In order to take a picture from a larger distance, we recommend the viewpoint "Jugend" which you can find on our local map.

Furthermore, you will find a viewing platform extending over Pöllat gorge below the castle and additionally, Mount Tegelberg offers many locations from where you can take nice pictures of Neuschwanstein Castle.


You can find an ATM at the following locations:

1. At the tourist information office, next to the bus stop.
2. Next to the P1 parking lot, opposite the tourist information and bus stop.
3. Near parking lot P3, next to the “Königshütte” snack bar.
4. At the Hotel Müller next to the bistro.

At the entrance to the village, at the tourist information and bus stop in Hohenschwangau, there is a stamp machine and a post box.


No. It is strictly forbidden to take animals inside the sights. 

No. Animals are strictly forbidden in all our attractions. However, feel free to take your pet to the castle courtyards or any of the viewpoints in the area.

Yes. While it is not possible to take strollers into the rooms of the castles with you, due to limited space and the large size of the groups, you can take your childrens' strollers/buggy into the castle courtyards.
At Neuschwanstein Castle, you can even find a designated room to store your stroller for the duration of your visit.

Regular-size backpacks and handbags can be taken into the tours. Large luggage, hiking backpacks or military backpacks are not allowed inside the castles and the museum.

Please note that luggage inspection on a sample basis can occur at the entrance to Neuschwanstein Castle. This serves to ensure the security of all our visitors. 

Baggage cannot be stored in the Ticket-Center Hohenschwangau.


No. It is strictly forbidden to take photographs or movies inside all sights.

Yes. The access to the Mary's bridge (Marienbrücke) is currently available. 

No. For safety reasons, the hiking trail through the Pöllat Gorge is unfortunately closed. An opening time is not yet known.