Castle garden

A magnificent, romantic summer palace with a wonderful garden

The Hohenschwangau Castle is located directly in Hohenschwangau, world-famous as the "Village of Royal Castles".
The existence of the Hohenschwangau castle was documented in the 12th century. Until 1535 it remained in the possession of the Knights of Schwangau. Successive wars over the centuries left the castle in ruins. These were bought in 1832 by Crown Prince Maximilian who reconstructed the castle according to the original plans. It subsequently became a residence of the royal family and, following the death of King Maximilian, the home of King Ludwig II and his mother.

A visit to Hohenschwangau Castle includes a walk through the romantic castle garden with beautiful views of the Alpsee, the forests and mountains. And when you are in the castle courtyard, why not visit our castle souvenir shop. This is located next to Hohenschwangau Castle in the „Prinzenbau“ (Fürstenbau). 
You can visit the castle garden without a ticket.


Castle garden

From 1833 until 1837, the castle garden was designed from plans of the theatre architect Domenico Quaglio. In 1851 it was extended by Georg Friedrich Ziebland and Peter Josepth Lenné and in 2007 the garden (e.g. the planting) was rearranged according to the original state of the 19th century. 

All the fountains in the garden reflect the romantic programme of the castle's rooms. The lion's fountain, modelled after an example of the Spanish Alhambra fountain represents the Orient. St. Mary's fountain in the courtyard symbolises Christianity, the Swan Fountain the local identity and knighthood. The Marble Bath reminds us of baths of the ancient times, the "gooseman's" fountain (1867) refers to legends of the Middle Ages. 

As a child the later King Ludwiig II. experienced these mountain regions and the romantic murals of Hohenschwangau castle. This was the beginning of his dream to build his own castle - Neuschwanstein.

Above the entrance gate

Castle courtyard and "Prinzenbau"

Castle garden

Mary's fountain

Schwan fountain

Marble bath

"Gooseman's" and Lions fountain

Lions fountain

"Gooseman's" fountain