The riddle tour "Join Alois through the Museum"

"Join Alois through the Museum"

Es war dem Team des Museum eine Herzensangelegenheit, auch die jungen und ganz jungen Gäste für die spannende und interessante Geschichte der bayerischen Königsfamilie zu begeistern. So entstand die Idee für einen interaktiven Rätselrundgang durch die Geschichte der Wittelsbacher - "Mit Alois durchs Museum."
It was a matter close to the heart of the museum team to inspire the young and very young guests for the exciting and interesting history of the Bavarian royal family. Thus was born the idea for an interactive riddle tour through the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty. "Join Alois trough the Museum!"

The riddle tour is possible every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A reservation is not necessary. Der Rätselrundgang ist jeden Tag von 9.00 - 17.00 Uhr möglich. 

entrance fee: 
children (until 18 years of age): free of charge
riddle sheet: € 3,00 (including a pencil box and a crown)



How it works ...


Did a bavarian king have a last name? 
Did a royal prince / a royal princess have toys?

Within the riddle "Join Alois through the Museum" you will get the answers to this questions. Alos and his sister Luisa is an extraordinary lion, because he has blue mane and a golden crown. Alois and his sister Luisa will join you within the riddle through the exhibition rooms of the Museum of the Bavarian Kings. 

At the beginnig you will get a riddle sheet, a pencil box and a golden crown. Let´s start. The exhibition rooms of the Museum are filled with valuable objects, which where owned by kings or queens of former times. Between all these valuable things you will find signs, on which Alois and Luisa show you where you will find the right answers to the questions on yor riddle sheet. If you will find the right answer you can conect the answers on the sheet with each other. A picture disapears. 

You can buy a riddle sheet at the cashier des of the Museum for € 3,00. The riddle "Join Alois through the Museum" is not time bounded. Please bring your parents or grandparents with you. They will get an audio-guided at our cashier desk. An audio-guided looks like a phone and gives information about the exhibition objects and the history of the bavarian royal family. Audio-guideds are included in the entrance fee.

Curious? Please come to the Museum of the Bavarian kings.

We are looking forward to your visit.