Your visit of the Museum


Discover the history of the Bavarian Royal family withih 16 exibition rooms on two floors.
The two floors are reachable through stairs and elevators.
Original exhibits and modern museum technology take you to a former epoche. For example the already planed, but not built castle projects of King Ludwig II appear in computer animation on big screen.
Throughout the exhibition you will find seating and resting benches, such as at out 21-metre panorama window, which offers a special view of Hohenschwangau Castle, the lake Alpsee and the surrounding mountains.
Portable folding chairs can be rented free of charge at the entrance to the exhibition rooms.


Possibilities to visit

You have three possibilities to visit the Museum of the Bavarian Kings:

• without a guided tour, on your own hand, with or without an audio-guide
• within a guided public tour
• within a guided private tour

Visit without a guided tour

You have the possibility to visit the museum on your own hand.
Please take your time. Your visit is not time-bounded.


Audio-Guides are available at the cashier desk free of charge.
To listen to the Audio-Guide texts, please enter the three-digit number you see under this icon and press the "play"-button. Press the button "1" to listen to a short introduction.
Due to the Covid19 pandemic our audio-guides are enclosed with a protection cover that is renewed after each guest. Of course all audio-guides are additionally wiped with desinfection after each use, too.

Audio-Guides are available in the following languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Rushian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese.


Private guided tours

Experience the Museum of the Bavarian Kings within a private guided tour only for you and your companions (max. 20 people).
A guide will accompany you through the exhibition rooms and explain the history of the Bavarian kings.
For additional information click here.


Public guided tours

You have the possibility to visit the exhibition rooms within a guided tour. The groups maximum group size is 20 people.
For additional information to public guided tours, click here.

Catalogue of the Museum of the Bavarian Kings

- detailed information on each exhibition object can be found in our museum catalogue.
- the respective catalogue number can be found next to this catalogue symbol.
- the museum catalogue can be obtained at the museum cashier desk for € 16.90.
Tip: the museum catalogue is a valuable companion during your visit of the museum.