Füssen in the King's Nook

Atmosphere in the old part of town loaded with history...

And only two miles away, you can see the medieval townscape of Füssen. The "Hohe Schloß" (facades with illusive paintings, art gallery), the baroque abbey "St. Mang" ("Fürstensaal" hall with classical concerts, museum of the city of Füssen, basilica with crypt, "St. Anna" chapel with the famous »Dance of Death«), city wall and fortified towers– and last but not least the Italian atmosphere of the old part of town with fountains, street cafes, shops and boutiques are all worth a visit.

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Guided tours for groups

Learn about Füssen's diverse town history on a tour of the historic old town. For tour groups the Füssen Tourismus offers guided tours of the old town with qualified guides. You can find more information here:  Guided City Tour Füssen.


Hopfen on Lake Hopfensee

...is not called the »Allgäu Riviera« for nothing. The cosy village combines the atmosphere of an Allgäu village with the open minded, cultural and positive atmosphere the Mediterranean is famous for. Lake Hopfensee is one of Bavaria's warmest lakes, this means summer always is a little longer here. Windsurfers and sailors feel at home between spring and autumn just like swimmers who enjoy the public bath with children's playground. If you want to go hiking, you will be fascinated by the forest paths around lake Hopfensee.