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Reservation are only possible with a valid credit card and at the latest 2 days in advance until 3 p.m. (German local time) depending on availability. Reservations for the same day are not possible!


Example: You like to visit the Castles on the 20th of a month. Therefore you have to reserve your ticket for your visit until the 18th of that month 3 p.m. latest. After this deadline a reservation is not possible anymore.

1. Service fee:

We charge a service fee for ticket reservations for Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castle as follows:
• For individual guests, children and school groups: € 1,80 per person and castle
• For groups from 15 paying guests: € 0,90 per person and castle

There is no service fee for the museum.


2. Payment:

The tickets must be paid at the Ticket Center in Hohenschwangau upon pick-up.

Payment methods:
• Cash
• Credit card


3. Confirmation of your reservation:

When you request a reservation, you will receive a written confirmation with all the most important information. Please note your confirmed entrance time, which you will find on the confirmation. In case of a high reservation demand, the confirmed entrance time may differ from your desired entrance time!

4. Change reservation:

Changing your entrance time is subject to availability.

5. Cancellation:

The cancellation deadline ends 2 hours before your confirmed entrance time. If you fail to meet the deadline, the service fee will be charged. 

6. Pick-up of the reserved tickets:

• Pick-up of the tickets only at the Ticket Center in Hohenschwangau (please note the opening hours) and only at the day of your visit.

• The reserved tickets must be picked up no later than 1.5 hours before the confirmed entrance time. Otherwise the reservation will be forfeited.

• You receive the tickets at a separate counter for "reserved tickets" at the Ticket Center.

Attention! If you don't pick-up the tickets on time, we can't hand you the tickets for your reserved admission time.
In case of non-pick-up of the tickets, the double service fee per ticket will be charged immediately and your credit card will be debited.

Important note:

We are expecting reservations for 2019 to be possible starting October 2018.