COVID-19 protective measures

The following rules apply for a visit to the sights:

•    No access restrictions:
From 03 April 2022 until further notice, access restrictions (3G, 2G, 2G Plus) will no longer apply, so visitors as well as hotel guests will not require proof of testing, vaccination or recovery. 

•    Mask requirement:
Masks (mediacal face masks) are compulsory for all visitors aged 6 and over in both royal castles and in the shuttle-bus to Neuschwanstein castle. This measure is for the protection of the staff and for your own protection. Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the mask requirement.

Medically certified exemptions from the mask requirement cannot be taken into account. 

Masks are not compulsory in the Museum of the Bavarian Kings. 

⇒ Additional, detailed information and FAQs about visiting Neuschwanstein Castle can be found here on the website of the Bavarian Palace Administration.