CODVID-19 protective measures

The following rules apply for a visit to the sights:

Neuschwanstein castle:

Hohenschwangau castle and Museum:

2G-Plus rule
(14 years and older):

  • vaccinated*
  • recovered
  • FFP2 face mask
  • negative test*

Important notice

Hygiene concepts were created for all sights, the Hohenschwangau Ticket Center and public facilities. In addition, the well-known rules of hygiene and behavior apply in Hohenschwangau, which are also displayed with notices on site.

Covid19-Vaccinated*, recovered and tested negative*

Depending on the current regulations, you must bring appropriate proof (written or electronic) and present a valid ID (identity card, passport or driver's license). No tests are offered on spot in our sights. Visitors who are unable to provide evidence in accordance with the regulations applicable on the day of their visit can unfortunately not be granted access to the castle and museum.

Vaccinated people who have already received a "booster" vaccination, or who had an infection with SARS-CoV-2 after their full immunization (vaccine breakthrough) do not have to present a negative corona test. 


When applying the 3G or 3G-Plus rules, children up to their 6th birthday, schoolchildren who are subject to regular tests during school attendance in Germany, and children who have not yet started school are treated the same as people who have been tested.
Schoolchildren with a school location abroad must demonstrate - for example by submitting a corresponding confirmation letter from the school - that they are a schoolchild and that, according to the law of the school location, regular tests take place as part of school attendance. 

Children aged 14 years and older are also be subject to the 2G rule or 2Gplus.

Children under 14 years are exempt from the 2G plus rule. Schoolchildren are considered tested (student ID required).

Mask requirement

All visitors aged 6 and over must wear a mask in all sights. Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the mask requirement.

► Mask requirement for 3G rule:

• Medical or FFP2 masks

• Children between the 6th and 16th birthday: medical face mask or a textile mouth and nose cover (everyday mask)

► Mask requirement for 3G-Plus rule, 2G rule and 2G-Plus rule:

• FFP2 masks

Medically certified exemptions from the mask requirement cannot be taken into account. 

Distance requirement
Due to the legally stipulated distance requirements of at least 1.5 m also in public spaces, there can be considerable queues and waiting times in front of the ticket center. The flow of visitors into the ticket center building is subject to strict visitor entry controls in accordance with the Bavarian Infection Act.

Behavior in case of symptoms of illness
We recommend people who feel sick and / or suffer from respiratory diseases to refrain from visiting the royal palaces and the Museum of the Bavarian Kings. They are prohibited from visiting, as are people who have had contact with corona infected people in the past 14 days.


(*)The following vaccines are currently licensed in the EU: BioNTech/ Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. If you have received a different vaccine, you will also need a test! 
PCR test (maximum 48 hours old), rapid antigen test with certification (maximum 24 hours old).
In the case of a vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine Janssen from Janssen-Cilag International (Johnson & Johnson), the second vaccination is not to be regarded as a booster vaccination, but takes place as part of the basic immunization.