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Tourist Information in Hohenschwangau

Photos and movies:

It is strictly forbidden to take photographs or movies inside all sights.

Pets / animals:

It is strictly forbidden to take animals inside the sights. It is also forbidden to take them in bags or backpacks inside the sights.


Baggage cannot be stored in the Ticket-Center Hohenschwangau. Please note that it is stricktly forbidden to take luggage or backpacks into the castles and museum. Small handbags are allowed.

There are some lockers (medium size) in front of the Tourist Information in Hohenschwangau.

Buggies / caddies:

It is forbidden to take buggies inside the castles. In Neuschwanstein Castle you can leave them in the information center in the courtyard. In Hohenschwangau Castle you can leave them at the entrance.

Wheelchairs / rollators:

There is no rental service for wheelchairs or rollators on spot. The required wheelchair/rollator must be brought along become.