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Extract of the general tariff terms of "Bavarian Palace Department":



  • Children and young people under 18 are admitted free of charge. Also children at secondary schools are admitted free of charge, on presentation of their pupil identity card (or other document proving attendance at the relevant school). Students at language schools and adult education centres are not admitted free of charge.
  • Tour guides (1 tour guide per 25 paying group participants) and drivers employed by the tour companies are also entitled to free tickets.
  • Following persons or groups will get reduced admission charges:
  1. Tour groups and other groups with a minimum of 15 paying participants (the concessionary tickets must be all be purchased at the same time and invoice by the tour guide)
  2. Groups on company outings (authorization by the company or office required; the concessionary tickets must be all be purchased at the same time and invoice by the tour guide)
  3. Members of the Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker e.V. (Association of German art historians)
  4. Members of the (German) Berufsverband Bildender Künstler (Professional association of visual artists)
  5. Members of the (German) Schutzverband Bildender Künstler (Association of the protection of the rights of visual artists)
  6. Students and "Goethe Institut"course participants (verification with a German or international student card required)
  7. Persons completing a voluntary social or ecological year (verification required)
  8. Persons completing national or community service (verification required)
  9. The disabled (verification required); their helpers are admitted free of charge if the necessity of an escort is registered in the verification.
  10. Groups of under 15 participants if they are being paid for entirely or in part by charitable organizations, or for other exceptional reasons.
  11. Persons over 65 (ID card).


** All information without engagement - subject to alteration!**