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Tickets for the Museum of the Bavarian Kings


The tickets for the museum are not time-bound.
Through the museum you can move freely and at your own pace
and stay as long as you wish. 
Guided tours are available on request.

If you only want to visit the Museum of the Bavarian Kings you can buy your tickets in the Museum directly. Reservations are only necessary for guided tours through the Museum. Audio- Guides are available at the Museums cash desk free of charge.   



Fee for a guided tour through the museum:

Groups from 10 persons: € 1.50 per person

Groups until 10 persons: € 1.50 per person + € 40.00 per group





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Please choose a later day or purchase your tickets at the Ticketcenter Hohenschwangau once you are here.

Reserverations cannot be accepted for the day they are made.
Reservations made after 15:00 (local time CEST) can only be accepted for one day later.