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Horse carriage to Hohenschwangau Castle

Start in front of the Ticket-Center. Terminal directly at Hohenschwangau castle.  

Adults: € 4,50 per person
Children: € 2,00 per person

You pay the travel cost directly at the horse-carriage.
The horse carriages to Hohenschwangau castle can not be reserved. 

The horse-carriages run independently of your entrance-time at the castle and don't guarantee to be in time at your desired tour. Transport is also possible without a ticket for the castle. 

The horse-carriage to Hohenschwangau castle doesn’t run during the winter months. 





By foot

You can also reach the Hohenschwangau castle by foot. Just follow the signs.

Approximate walking time from the Ticket-Center to Hohenschwangau castle: 20 minutes.