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Neuschwanstein Castle was built between 1869 and 1886 under King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It was built on the ruins of "Vorder- und Hinterhohenschwangau" in the style of a medieval castle.

Owner: State of Bavaria

Visits of Neuschwanstein castle

Visits are only possible within a guided tour.

Tours are available in German and English or with an portable Audio Guide device.

For Audio Guide tours you will receive the »Audio Guide« in the Castle and you will be assisted by your tour guide. These tours are available in Czech, Dutsch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Korean, Arabian and Thai.

Please notice..

• Pets are not allowed in the Castle.
• No smoking and no cameras in the Castle.
• Visits are only possible with a guided tour.
• Duration of tours approx. 35 minutes.

During the tour, you have to go 165 steps upstairs and 181 steps downstairs.



For guests with wheel chair and rollators

For wheelchair users and visitors with wheel rollators and walkers it's possible to attend a regular guided tour. Therefore, a fee required reservation is necessary. The amount of the fee can be taken from the price overview. 

It is recommended that users of wheelchairs and wheel rallators/ walkers take a horse-carriage to reach the Neuschwanstein castle. The rates are as follows:

Outward: 6,00 Euro per person 
3,00 Euro per person.

Distance from horse carriage stop to castle entrance approx. 1000 ft, or 10-15 minutes by foot (uphill).  


Unfortunately, it's not possible to rent on spot wheelchairs and wheel rallators/ walkers.