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Children's program for all kids to join


Holidays are there to get away! The TV is off and you experience everything’s live. During the school holidays, the Schwangau Tourist Information organizes a program full of fantastic activities for children of all ages. A range of activities such as inline skating, a magic theatre or a fun bike ride guarantees fun for everyone, and you can even learn something. You can visit a farm, a bakery or a carpentry for instance, or you can prepare something tasty for your parents in the cooking course. All programs with professional supervision and, of course, together with other kids.


The Summer Toboggan Run: let's go!

The summer toboggan run with a length of over 2200 feet running along the bottom of Tegelberg mountain. It is tons of fun for you and your kids, friends and relatives.

How will be fastest on the way down?

Enjoy your wild run. Enjoy the wind in your face. And the enjoy the magnificent view over the Ostallgäu countryside.

And when you reach the end of the run there is even more to do. A scooter track, playground, restaurant and Roman excavations guarantee a day full of activities.


The weather permitting, the summer toboggan run is open

(from March/April until Sept./Oct.)

daily between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.