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rates are only valid for...:

- school classes from 15 people

- pupils until 17 years of age

- We can just guarantee free entrance for Neuschwanstein castle on presentation of a valid school certification or birthday- list of the pupils in the ticket- center in Hohenschwangau.

- we will charge a reservation fee of 0,90 € per person


Please notice:
The castles can only be visited within a guided tour.

The tickets for the Museum of the Bavarian kings are not time-bound.  You can move freely throughout the museum at your own pace and stay as long as you wish. Portable audio- guides are available free of charge.
Guided tours through the museum are available on request.




The Princeregent- ticket

(both royal castles and the Museum of the Bavarian kings)
€ 5,00 per pupil
-ticket- reservation-




The Maximilian- ticket

(the Museum of the Bavarian kings only)
€ 0,00 
- ticket-reservation - 




The Mary- ticket

(Hohenschwangau castle only )
€ 11,00 per person
- ticket-reservation




The Ludwig- ticket

(Neuschwanstein castle only)
free entrance 
- ticket-reservation -